TB-Seq specializes in application and development of experimental and computational procedures for translatome analysis (ribosome profiling) of microbial (bacteria, archaea) and eukaryotic (e.g., plants, fungi, human and other mammals) organisms, communities, and host/parasite or probiotic systems. Our services include RNA extraction, RNA-seq and RIBO-seq library preparation, sequencing, and customized bioinformatics analysis. Please contact us at info@tbseq.com for further information on our services.


TB-Seq provides experimental and computational ribosome profiling (RIBO-seq) services  including RIBO-seq and RNA-seq library preparation, consulting, design, and execution of customized experimental and computational procedures. Our team provides combined decades of experience in research and development in molecular biology and biochemistry, computational biology, evolutionary biology, and bioinformatics. 

"Understanding how organisms respond to environmental stimuli by regulating gene expression to produce proteins, and the mechanisms by which regulation is achieved, is fundamental to the discovery of ways of using natural resources to save energy and to protect the environment, crops, and human health" .

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TB-Seq supports a creative and innovative environment to enable our scientists to focus on fundamental biology and improving human health and environmental management.

Please check our website often for job openings or send your CV at info@tbseq.com.